Helpful Sites

These sites will provide helpful drawing and painting tips for those who are intersested in becoming artists.

Art Is Fun



This one's a museum website, so it's not all art, but there's a lot of it. There's some cool jigsaw puzzles too.

Museum Syndicate

The Getty

Most of the people reading my wiki probably won't need this yet, but here's a website that teaches you how to makrket your art. It also shows you how to make a website, and it contains links to other artists (some of which I already have).


This one is neat, for those who like this style of art, you can also find it in the discussion section of Halloween...

Dark Classics

If I'm too slow at posting, or if you just want more information on certain styles, this website is for you!

All Paintings



This artist is interesting, but I can't handle this much info!

Alice Pike Barney

Here's some photography...

Masters of Photography

This one has some neat pics...

Squidface & The Meddler

I would recomend using the new google art project. Though they don't have all of the artwork in the museum they do show a great deal of it...

There's some neat websites in the fan art section too...