Frances MacNair

Frances Macdonald was born in 1874 in Kidsgrove (Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom). She married her husband, Herbert MacNair, in 1899. Together with her husband, her sister (Margaret), and her sister’s husband (Charles Rennie Mackintosh) they formed a group called “The Four.” This group established the Glasgow style. She and her sister both took their inspiration from mythological creatures and stories, though Frances usually tends to make hers more depressing and full of pain. She and her husband moved to Liverpool in 1900. Here MacNair worked as an instructor in design at the School of Architecture and Applied Art. They returned to Glasgow in 1908. Life was full of hardships for her and her husband as a couple. Frances died at the age of 47. It was rumored that she had committed suicide, but reports say she died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Her husband destroyed most of her work and his own.
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